Guidelines from the Computer Science Examination Board

Last update: 22 March 2022


All formal requests to the Examination Board must be filed by email to using the student’s university email address and stating their matriculation number.

Requests based on the current corona regulations must be filed within two weeks of the announcement of the examination results via email to .



Changing degree programmes (from ES, VC, Cybersicherheit, DSAI) in the CS Department at Saarland University

The Examination Board decides on the placement in the corresponding academic semester. Usually placement occurs into the next higher study semester on the basis of the semesters completed in the previous degree program, regardless of the number of credits already obtained.


Transferring credits from another university

Recognition of academic credits completed at another university will only be granted upon formal request. For transferring credits obtained elsewhere and going back up to three years, requests must be filed within the first semester of enrolment in the corresponding degree program at UdS. Similarly,  requests for transferring credits obtained while studying abroad must be filed within the first semester after returning to UdS.

Please note that it is not possible to recognise courses whose content overlaps in whole or in part with examinations that have already been taken (duplication of content).

You will find further information under how-tos computer science.


Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

Requests for extension of the deadline for submission of Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis must be filed for approval no later than five working days before the set deadline. The formal supervisor who assigned the thesis subject must be informed about the request by including them in cc in the email. The supervisor must formally agree to the requested extension.

If a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis is not given a passing grade upon the first attempt, a second thesis must be registered with the Examination Office within four weeks (see §23 (6) of the Examination Regulations for the Faculty MI). As a rule, the supervisor should be the same as for the first thesis, in which case no further Bachelor's or Master's seminar is required, unless requested by the formal supervisor. In all cases, the student must report to the Examination Board with any questions or problems within this four-week period.

Supervisor for a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis must be a person from the following list (see §8 (1) and (7) of the Examination Regulations for the Faculty MI):

As a rule, the second reviewer is also to be found in this group of persons. Upon request, an external professor or PhD member of a university or research institution may be approved.

The reviewers must be named on the title page of the Bachelor's or Master's Thesis. Further specifications and a template for the title page can be found under „HOW-TOs: Thesis Submission“.

Using a publication as a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis: the relevant expert reviews from the journal or conference must accompany the work and should be included in the submitted document.

The compulsory electronic version of the Bachelor's or Master's Thesis must be uploaded into the official cloud storage ( CDs/DVDs/USB-Sticks or similar formats will not be accepted.

It is possible to inspect the reports on the Bachelor's or Master's Thesis upon formal request to Ms. Schaum, Ms. Pennekamp, the Study Coordination Office or the Examination Board. Students will be given an appointment in the Examination Office.


Miscellaneous regulations

  • Seminars will only be recognized as proseminars if they are explicitly stated as such in the syllabus (seminar/proseminar).